ADERA -“Association for the Development of Education and Research in Universities, Research Centres and Enterprises in Aquitaine”, approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, is a private structure that contributes to the development of links between research and industry

PYLA is a major player in vocational training for the optics and photonics sectors and their applications. PYLA pools together and shares the skills of the industry's various players and collaborates with recognized training and research organizations, so as to offer a catalogue of over 40 trainings courses. The courses call upon over 70 instructors, all experts in their respective fields.

They are intended for a broad public of photonic-technology designers, manufacturers, integrators and users, no matter their level of qualification.

PYLA also designs and carries out tailor-made training courses, suited to the needs of SMEs/SMIs, major groups and research institutes, at both the national and European levels.