IDSC is a computer programming company with 6 employees. The company is specialized in the development of digital products for training and communication. IDSC offers innovative tools for the technical and industrial sectors.

IDSC uses video-gaming techniques and technologies (immersion, interactivity, game concept, game design, etc.).

IDSC group has developed several virtual tools (repair techniques software for industrial equipment) and work with over 180 vocational schools and over 100 HVAC companies such as Beiersdorf France Beiersdorf Belgium, CEFCM (maritim training center),“Les grottes de Lascaux” or “Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat”, etc, or for education and science center (Aerocampus, INSUP Formation, Cap sciences...).

IDSC group has experience working with the technical trades and our team has the necessary expertise to propose solutions best suited to their needs (training, sensitization, reducing mobility, communication, etc.).