The ELI Delivery Consortium International Association (ELI-DC AISBL) is an international non-profit association under Belgian law. The ELI-DC AISBL has been established to support the coordinated implementation of the ELI research facilities, preserve the consistency and complementarity of their scientific missions, and promote the wide range of ELI’s future research opportunities to the user communities.

The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) will be the world's first international user facility for laser research. ELI is part of the ESFRI Roadmap for international research infrastructures of high priority for Europe. When fully implemented in 2018, ELI will contain some of the world's most powerful lasers and make them available to the international scientific community. With its ultra-intense and ultra-short pulses of light, it will create new states of matter in dense plasmas, probe the structure of vacuums, or produce secondary radiation of high-energy photons or particles. These developments will in turn be used to understand fundamental dynamic processes in such different species as nuclei, molecules and biological cells. ELI's technologies and capabilities will position Europe at the forefront of this scientific field and stimulate socio-economic development in the host countries and in the EU generally.

The contribution of ELI-DC within this project will principally focus on the dissemination of results, the coordination of internal communication (among participants) and external communication (with EU organizations, research infrastructures and other international initiatives), and the organization of events.