ELI-HU Nonprofit Ltd. (ELI-HU) is the legal entity in charge of the implementation of the major project ELI-Attosecond Facility Light Pulse Source (ELI-ALPS) in Szeged, Hungary, which will provide light sources between THz (1012 Hz) and X-ray (1018–1019 Hz) frequency range in the form of ultrashort pulses with high repetition rate.

The planned primary sources of ELI-ALPS would be in the forefront of laser technology. Their specifications represent a leap from the current state of the art only which is most likely to be managed in the next few years. ELI-ALPS - with its budget of 240 million euros - will host laser equipment that is getting far the shortest pulse duration (attosecond) and highest repetition rate laser in the word. The expectation is that within its repetition-rate-category, the corresponding laser has to exhibit a considerably shorter pulse duration than the present state of the art. Another laser equipment is expected that within its peak power laser category, the corresponding laser has to exhibit as short pulse duration as possible with as high repetition rate as possible.

With the above mentioned features ELI-ALPS will be able to tackle grand challenges in atomic, molecular and optical physics by providing attosecond-duration excitation (pump) and probe pulses with unmatched fluxes