IT-ELLI, Innovative Training and Education for Large Laser Infrastructure is a collaborative project of ten European partners.

It is funded with support from Erasmus+ strategic partnership for higher education programme.

The it-elli project takes place in the context of large laser infrastructures, some under developments and some already operational at several sites across Europe.

The Extreme Light Infrastructures (ELI) all rely on state of the art ultra-high intensity laser technologies. The design, construction and operation of these large-scale laser infrastructures require highly educated personnel in various domains. We are therefore facing an extended skill deficit that might endanger the actual implementation of these large-scale infrastructures.

The project aims to bring together strategic partners able to propose short-term solutions covering the immediate needs identified by the consortium. The consortium has been naturally created with partners experiencing the skills deficit (5 major laser facilities) and 5 partners experts in education, training and innovative pedagogical techniques (Universities, training center, ‘serious games’ company).

The objectives are to develop a global laser safety program with certification at the European level and a laser-based nuclear radiation safety program.

The pedagogical concept will use information technologies. Two types of actions are considered: a library of small programs aiming at simulating complex physical effects occurring in laser or optical devices significantly easing the understanding of the underlying physics. The second action will use the advanced technologies of video games for educational purposes and develop a complete training tool. Trainings will consists in following scenarii elaborated by laser physicists to implement in the 3D virtual laser lab the experiment or the optical device.